Volunteer Clearances

Volunteer Clearances Required After July 1, 2015

Pennsylvania law now requires anyone over the age of 18 to obtain clearances to volunteer with children after July 1, 2015.  Please see the District website ( ) for complete information regarding the recently adopted North Allegheny District Policy.  Some highlights:

  • You will need to show the originals of your clearances to the District. The District will keep copies for their database and return the originals.
  • There will be dates, times, and locations set up for you to submit your clearances to the District beginning July 6 th .  Please refer to the North Allegheny website for specifics.
  • If you have children in multiple schools you only need to submit your clearances once to the District as the database will be shared throughout all District buildings.
  • Some of these clearances may take weeks to receive after you apply.  Please make sure to allow enough time!

Volunteers are an invaluable asset to our school and the students need your support! 


Please get your clearances and volunteer!

Volunteer Clearances Poster