Volunteers on Call

Join McKnight's "Volunteers on Call"


We need your help, McKnight!  While the PFA is fortunate to have a very robust list of well-staffed committees, we often have events or activities pop up that may fall outside of a committee or just may require more hands than the committee itself is able to provide.  Perhaps we need help setting up for the Family Picnic?  Or staffing Square 1 Art Pickup one afternoon?  Or we find ourselves in a crunch and need more cookies for an event?  There are so many times throughout the school year that it truly does take that proverbial village to help bring an event or activity across the finish line.  To make it easier for us to recruit volunteers for these sorts of activities, we are creating a roster of McKnight's "Volunteers on Call".  By joining our list, you are not obligating yourself to help us with anything - but you are giving us permission to contact you when help is needed.  If you are available and want to help, that is awesome.  If you are not interested in helping with that particular activity, that is equally okay!  But we really need a robust list of willing, enthusiastic volunteers to make this work.  Won't you please join us?  It will take two minutes of your time to complete the Google Form linked below & you are done!  Thank you so very much for supporting our efforts!

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