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After School Program




We are thrilled that you are interested in these classes!   Please take a moment to read the details below to help better understand the registration process.  Thank you!


1.  Every class has both a minimum and a maximum number of participants.


2.  If there are AVAILABLE class spots, you will see a dark red IN STOCK:” in the class box followed by the number of available spaces.  Registering for those classes is easy!  Just fill out all the requested info (including payment details), submit, and you should be good to go.


3.  If that IN STOCK:” is missing, or if you click on the class and see a “0” or a negative quantity, the class is FULL.


4.  If the class is full, you can register to be placed on a “Waiting List”.  You will enter your credit card info.  You WILL NOT BE CHARGED and your credit card information will not be stored.  You WILL still receive a confirmation email, but that DOES NOT change your “Waiting List” status.


5. IF ROOM BECOMES AVAILABLE in the class, you will receive an electronic invoice via e-mail from our Treasurer, Anne Stalter.  To move from the “Waiting List” to the actual class, you must pay for the class via the link found in that electronic invoice. (As mentioned above, we do not store your credit card information.  You must resubmit.)


6. Please note: There is no guarantee spots will become available in classes after they have filled.  You might want to consider selecting another class for your student.


Any questions?  Please contact Allyson Minton via or 301-462-9519!


For financial assistance, please contact Mr. Shute ( or 412-635-4105).

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